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The "Beach Chicken"

I have been obsessed with big fishes lately. I've been riding them in everything from 1 foot venice to well overhead point breaks. If you know me, you'll know I won't shut up about them. MAGIC!

Well, after about the 100th time i told Dave at @almondsurfboards how we should make a 7 foot super flat long fish, he finally indulged me.

So the question we had to answer was what art to put on it. Sure, we could have done peace and shakas again, or another tile of rad cars. But this special project warranted something special. So I made a repeatable pattern of my #RadSeagullSquad.

I've ridden the #beachChicken in 8 foot plus grinding Topanga and 3 foot Venice. I can confidently say It works as rad as it looks.

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